The "Bavaria Filmstadt"-Package

Vintage Porsche car and exclusive VIP Guided Tour in the Bavaria Filmstadt

Ideal for groups - English guides are available on request


Enjoy the day with a vintage Porsche car and take a trip to the Bavaria Filmstadt (translation: Bavaria Film City). There our film city guide awaits you upon arrival already at the parking lot. Then you will receive a one and a half hour VIP guided tour of the Bavaria Filmstadt. The best part - the exclusive VIP program begins immediately and other people will not be included into the group.


This awaits you during the tour:

1. Film set tour:

The destination Bavaria Filmstadt offers a variety of opportunities to discover the World of Film & TV. Fly on the back of a real of the movie Neverending Stroy through the fantasy world of Phantasia. This can only happen in the Bavaria Filmstadt.


During the film set tour the VIP participants see for example:


  • The original interior model from the 1983 classic film "Das Boot", which was nominated for 6 Oscars
  • The replica of the ADR weather studios with active moderation of the weather map 
  • Some figures from the German fantasy film "The Neverending Story"
  • The aircraft interior model of Airforce One of the action film "Big Game" (with Samuel L. Jackson in the lead role)


2.  4D cinema experience from and with the German comedian Bully Herbig

Exclusively for the 4D cinema experience in the Bavaria Film Studios the famous German actor, comedian and film star Michael Bully Herbig has created an exciting ride with the protagonist of the animated film "Lissi and the Wild Emperor" on high-performance computers together with the crew of Bavaria Filmstadt.


The combination leads to a multimedia exhilaration: The 4 D technology of the experience cinema, cinema seats which move according to the moving images shown on the big screen, digital projection technology in 3D, explosive special effects and the world's first IOSONO Sound System.



The viewer experience together with the charming Lissi a breathtaking virtual snowboard chase. While on the run from two exterminators you are risking life and limb, having a  hair-raising ride through ice tracks and avalanches and overcoming collapsing bridges at the last second until you reach the furious showdown.....


- per vintage Porsche daily rent (including 200 km, Discount on the normal price: 20 €)

incl. Porsche 911: 419 € 

incl. Porsche 356: 469 €


- For the VIP tour:

1-5 persons               319€

6-10 persons             499€




The reservation should be done at least 5 days before the desired date. Short-term requests are possible but without guarantee. Earliest start of the tour is at 9 am, latest possible start is 4 pm. A Englisch guide is available on request.